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At StarStatus International, our mission is to help our artistes, bands and musicians to shine. 

We pursue this goal by carefully guiding their careers, so that the world can appreciate their talents. 

StarStatus International Limited is a record company and artiste management agency. We represent cultural Reggae and Lover's Rock singers, Dancehall toasters and spoken word artistes. Our aim is to provide event organisers with a range of talents that adds variety to their shows, at the same time, giving our artistes the opportunity to shine. 

StarStatus International Records started in January 2020 in London, UK. We aim to provide an outlet to showcase Jamaica's huge Reggae and Dancehall music talent pool. 

This popularity of genre is growing at an astounding pace around the world. StarStatus International Records aims to help satisfy the insatiable appetite of Reggae and Dancehall music fans across the globe. 

Very soon, StarStatus International Records will commence working with artistes in the United Kingdom, Africa and Europe. However, we are concentrating on the Jamaican source market, initially. 

We Value Our Clients

Our passion and dedication have always driven us to greater heights. 

We consider our musicians as our partners as well as supporters of StarStatus International Records. We know that music fans are looking for one thing: fresh music that can stand the test of time. 

That's why our label is always out to sign talented Reggae and Dancehall artistes, who can deliver quality lyrics over catchy beats whenever possible. 

Our signings are carefully selected to resonate with you, the biggest and most loyal Reggae and Dancehall fans, on a spiritual level. They are a strong source of inspitation that bears testament to the fact that nothing can stop an artiste whose time has come. 

Guiding Careers, Nurturing Dreams!

As an entertainer, when you choose StarStatus International Records to publish your music, you are opting to work with a team that is knowledgable of the music industry. We have a sophisticated ear for quality music and an impeccible eye for right kind of package that will create the perfect fit with the target audience and fan base. 

We coach our artistes in performance techniques: emphasising key words in the lyrich to bring out the intended meaning and envoke the right kind of emotions in the fans and listeners.  

"Every artiste's main aim should be taking the time to master their craft, so that their music and live performance always resonate with their fan base. After all, the fans are the most important element in keeping an entertainment career alive." - Wise Wurdz.


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